Which Items Can I Recycle?
• Aluminum Cans
• Brown paper Bags
• Cardboard (flattened and DRY*)
• Carton/Paperboard (like Cereal Boxes)
• Glass Bottles and Jars
• Junk Mail
• Magazines
• Newspapers (DRY only*)
• Office Paper
• Paper Cardboard/Dairy/Juice Containers
• Phone Books
• Plastic Bags (tied all in one plastic bag, like a soccer ball)
• Plastic Bottles/Containers (numbers 1-7)
• Tin or Steel Cans
*All paper materials (newspaper, cardboard, phone books, etc.) must be clean and DRY to avoid contamination, as the sorting and processing machinery can be damaged by soiled materials. Find more information on the Recycling Services page.

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