Municipal Court

Online Payments
Municipal Court now allows Online Payments.

Appearances & Dispositions
All citations and summonses are assigned a deadline to appear in the Castle Hills Municipal Court. This date cannot be extended, as it is simply the date by which a defendant (or their attorney) must notify the Court of how they wish to answer to their charges. For more information, see our Information on Appearing in Court page.

Before any action may be taken, an attorney must file a letter of representation identifying the defendant being represented and all of the cases being handled. The letter should contain a request for 1 of the following:
  • Docket setting (bonds will be required on warrants)
  • Faxed sentencing offer from the prosecutor
  • Standard deferred disposition order
Increase of Court Costs
Court costs will increase when any of the following happens:
  • An officer serves a summons ($35)
  • An unpaid balance is referred to collections (30%)
  • Arrest warrant is processed ($50)
  • Judgment is not paid within 30 days ($25)
  • Report of a warrant is submitted to the Department of Public Safety ($30)