Recycling Services

Castle Hills has an efficient, highly inclusive Recycling program and all residents are encouraged to participate! Recycling is easy to do at home by placing the accepted items in your blue Recycle bin (or other approved container) and place it out for collection on your designated day.
Full Recycling Bin

Collection Information

All recycling must be placed out for collection before 7 a.m. on the day of service. Do not mix recycle items with garbage, leaves or other materials. See the Recycling Collection Schedule for more detailed information.

Recycle Bins

If you do not have a blue recycling bin you may purchase one at City Hall for $10 (or $15 including a lid.). You may also use your own 32-gallon empty can as a recycling container. Clearly label the can with the word “Recycle” (or a large "R") and place it out at the curb or in the alley on collection day. Do not mix garbage, leaves, brush, or construction materials with the recycling. If you need a new recycle bin please call 210-293-9675. Plastic bags will not be accepted. 

Recycle Flyer Revision
Recycle Items NOT Collected
Foam Cups/Containers (take-out containers), Food Contaminated, Cardboard/Paperboard, Food Waste, Wet Newspapers, Plastic Wrap, Leaves, Brush Piles, Tree Branches, Construction Materials (wood, dry wall, tile, shingles, etc), Broken glass, Light bulbs, Mirrors, Windows, Car Batteries and Tires.

Hazardous Materials
For the safety of all workers, DO NOT place hazardous materials in garbage or recycle containers. The City has a FREE Hazardous Materials Drop-off program. See the Hazardous Materials page for more information.