Disclosure Statements

Section 176.003 of the Local Government Code requires certain local government officers to file this form. 

"local government officer" is defined as a member of the governing body of a local governmental entity; a director, superintendent,administrator, president, or other person designated as the executive officer of a local governmental entity; or an agent of a local governmental entity who exercises discretion in the planning, recommending, selecting, or contracting of a vendor. This form is required to be filed with the records administrator of the local governmental entity not later than 5 p.m. on the seventh business day after the date on which the officer becomes aware of the facts that require the filing of this statement. A local government officer commits an offense if the officer knowingly violates Section 176.003, Local Government Code. An offense under this section is a misdemeanor.

Refer to chapter 176 of the Local Government Code for detailed information regarding the requirement to file this form.

CIS FORM - Local Government Conflict Disclosure Statement

Castle Hills Conflict Disclosure Statements below: