Street Plan

Street Project Updates


  • Phase III Antler Drive Roadway Improvements – The City of Castle Hills awarded a construction contract for Phase III Antler Drive Roadway Improvements Project at the April 9, 2019 City Council meeting. R.L. Jones was awarded the contract and selected for the Phase III Antler Drive Roadway Improvements. The project was designed by RPS Engineers. The notice to proceed (NTP) was issued for May 8, 2019, in order for construction to commence on this project.
  • Street Maintenance Program – Seal Coat Bids – The City has identified street candidates and developed a list of street segments to include in the 2019 SMP. The 2019 SMP for Seal Coat Projects will include, but not limited to, approximately 29 different streets segments and 4 alleys for an approximate total length of 9.28 miles. City Council will review bids at the May 21, 2019 City Council Meeting.
  • Capital Improvement Plan Phase 1 - Streets -Castle Hills CIP Report
    • A five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is a planning tool to help the City forecast the timing and funding of future capital projects. The Plan is reviewed and should be as part of the updated annual budget process. Projects are prioritized and planned within the five years and the proper funding is allocated annually. The City of Castle Hills has needed a long-term plan to address streets and other infrastructure issues in the community.
    • The CIP is built in conjunction with the budget to allocate funds for streets and drainage projects. The CIP includes an inventory of each street, an indication of the necessary work and cost. The streets in worse condition would be done in the first part of the five-year CIP, like ones which need reconstruction versus the streets which may just need an overlay. This is a rolling plan and once the streets which had been reclaimed and/or reconstructed would be done at latter years to maintain the integrity of the streets for sustainability.
    • The Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) – Phase I – Streets provides a roadmap for the City to utilize over the next five years. The CIP is an objective plan which is objective, quantifiable, and ultimately removes the politics from the equation. These reasons allow projects to continue without impact from elections. This offers citizens transparency and a non-partisan fact based path to maintaining, repairing, and constructing infrastructure. This document allows the City to coordinate projects with other entities, like SAWS and provides a basis for formulation of possible bond programs. The CIP provides total magnitude of infrastructure needs and includes an inventory, evaluation and maintenance/CIP recommendation for approximately 27 miles of asphalt roadways. Phase II of the CIP is underway and will encompass the drainage needs for the community.