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April 22, 2020 12:09 PM

The City of Castle Hills offers a Citizen Welfare Check Program during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The program will complement the citizen volunteer effort to aid citizens. Through the facilitation of regularly requested welfare checks at the citizens behest, CHPD will document the request utilizing the patrol-by function of our report management system. Whereby, we will enter the regularity of the request (daily, weekly, etc.), contact information (too include emergency contact), and hidden key/lock box and separate key holder information to the patrol-by function with additional notes as needed.

Further, we will encourage the requesting citizen to add our phone number (210-342-2341) to their cellular phone contact list. This will allow them to recognize the city as the caller should we have to conduct the welfare checks by phone. Upon contacting participating citizens, other than immediate medical assistance, agency representative (CHPD or CHFD) will provide said citizen with the email contacts for the Castle Hills Community Organization or Castle Hills Women’s Club community assistant liaisons to work with the volunteers from each organization. Currently, the CHCO and CHWC are working with the City to check in with neighbors during this time and have developed a network of volunteers to assist if a neighbor needs assistance or certain resources.

During this program, the city will not take on any greater role other than that of providing contact information for assistance. Should the citizen need immediate medical attention or police matter arises, standard protocols will be followed. These welfare checks will routinely be conducted similar to the prioritization of all other patrol-bys (call volume/circumstances permitting).

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