Resident and Business Planning Survey

The City of Castle Hills has undertaken a review of its Master Plan and a subcommittee of the Parks Commission has been appointed for this purpose. The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) would like input from citizens and businesses regarding some specific questions. To facilitate discussions CPAC has identified two large areas and six unique neighborhoods in our city.  They are as follows:

Castle Hills Map


  1. SoLo – All of the area South of Loop 410

  2. NoLo – All of the North of Loop 410


  1. The Estates (in SoLo) – Area bounded by Loop 410, Honeysuckle, Blanco, and Castle Hills

  2. The Terrace (in SoLo) – Area bounded by Loop 410, Honeysuckle, and Jackson-Keller to Antler

  3. Southern Cone/SoCo (in SoLo) – The remainder of the area in SoLo from Antler South

  4. West of West/WoW (in SoLo) – All of the area West of West Ave around to Loop 410

  5. Mid-Town (in NoLo) – Area bounded by Loop 410, NW Military Dr, and West Ave

  6. The Edge (in NoLo) – Area bounded by Lockholl-Selma, NW Military Dr, and West Ave

In addition to collecting information from this survey via paper and an online form found on the City’s website; there will be a series of Area, Neighborhood, and Town Hall meetings to gather input and share developments and potential or concept plans with residents and businesses. 

Your participation and comments on this survey and at any meetings are key to the success of the Create Castle Hills process! Please know that only one response is necessary from each household or business so that we do not have duplicate responses and it is not necessary to identify yourself, however, the demographic information is very important for CPAC. The input will help CPAC formulate a vision for the City of Castle Hills and its economic growth which will be presented to the Mayor and City Council for adoption. 

Please return the survey to: Castle Hills City Hall Click Here for Paper Form


Please submit survey via SurveyMonkey: Resident and Business Planning Survey

ATTN: Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

209 Lemonwood, Castle Hills, Texas 78213 by February 22, 2021