Contact Us

  1. Code Compliance Violation

    If you observe a code violation, send your concerns to our City Code Compliance Investigator. Code compliance will confirm the violation and take proper action.

  2. Compliments or Concerns

    Let the City Administration know if you have any compliments, comments or concerns. We would also like to know if you have any ideas, issues or feedback.

  3. Lost or Found Pets

    Use this form to submit that you lost a pet or found a pet directly to Animal Control so they can take steps to find the pet or the owner.

  4. Out of Town Form

    Contact the Police Department easily with this online form to let them know if you'll be out of town so they can keep an eye on your property to help ensure the safety of your home.

  5. Pothole Report

    Let us know if you see a pothole on your street, so the Public Works department can repair them.

  6. Report Suspicious Circumstances

    Have you seen something suspicious in your neighborhood? Complete and submit this online form to request that the Police Department check it out.